Meet the Artist!

Restoring an old rock painting!

“My name is Michelle O’Hanlon. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I grew up in Springfield, Pennsylvania where I still reside today. I’ve had a love for art since I was a child. Currently, I have a Bachelor of Science in Art Education from Penn State University, as well as a Masters of Art from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  I am a PA certified K-12 teacher. I am a middle school art teacher, and also a Freelance Artist/Graphic Designer for local communities in the Philadelphia area. “



Finishing touches brought this painting to life for the beautiful Living Memorial Gardens


is a painter, drawer, and designer. Painting and drawing make up most of her portfolio. Michelle also gained an interest for graphic design during her junior year of high school after taking a graphic arts class. She is now a Freelance Graphic Designer. Her interests lead her to major in Graphic Design Communications for her first two years of college before she found a second love in Art Education.

Michelle looks at painting, drawing, and designing as a way of expressing herself and feeling free. A lot of her work has been developed through relieving stress and escaping from the world. Art has always been a relaxation method that allows her to express her emotions and create visual meaning.


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